Wednesday, October 18, 2006

Show Me the Way

I was talking to my friend Will Briarwood about his cat, who had some fairly serious surgery recently.

“It’s strange,” he said. “There’s so much to think about, worrying about him, hoping he’ll be ok, trying to understand what’s happening with him. I keep hearing Peter Frampton in my head.”

Peter Frampton?

“Yeah. A couple lines from ‘Show Me the Way’ -- ‘I wonder how you’re feeling’ and ‘I can’t believe this is happening to me.’ “

You’re hearing the live version, I assume.

“Yeah, from Comes Alive. What’s that called, dissociation?”

I think so.

“And I started thinking about how they had to shave so much of his fur, that he’s starting to look like Peter Frampton.”

You have to give Frampton credit for not doing a combover, or wearing a hat 24/7 like The Edge, or wearing a rug.

“Yeah. There’s a lesson here somewhere, something about accepting what happens to your hair, or to your cat.”

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