Monday, September 08, 2008

Tina Fey vs. Sarah Palin

I was talking to my friend Jhoni yesterday. She is always a good source for the latest conspiracy theory.

"GE told NBC to push 30 Rock back to late October, so Tina Fey would not have time to write jokes about McCain and Palin. All of their other shows are returning this month or early next month."

You know, I would probably not have considered that to be likely, until I saw today's news about Keith Olbermann.

"Sarah Palin broke up her husband's friend's marriage."

With five kids, when did she have time? Next.

"Sarah Palin referred to Obama as 'Sambo.' "

Where did you hear that one?

"I don't remember, I probably clicked through to the story some place."

What else?

"The McCain people will be donating money to the Obama campaign every time they play 'Barracuda.' "

I think that one is actually true. Anything on the other side?

"Hillary is going to campaign for Obama, but she is going to ask for a high level position in return, like Supreme Court Justice, or Secretary of State."

I doubt that one. She still wants to be president, so why would she settle for less?

"I just pass the stories along. Stay tuned."

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