Wednesday, November 01, 2006

Signs, Signs, Everywhere Are Roskam Signs

My friend Will Briarwood, who doesn’t generally vote for Republicans, was telling me why he might vote for them next week.

“The people next door to us have a Roskam sign in their front yard. The people across the street have two Roskam signs. And the people on the other side of us have five, count ‘em, five Roskam signs in their yard.”

Peter Roskam is the Republican candidate for Congress in Illinois’s Sixth Congressional District.

“I e-mailed the Duckworth people a couple weeks back, asking about a yard sign. They finally called me back on Monday, and left me a voice mail, telling me where their campaign office is, and telling me to come by for a sign. The guy on the message said there would be someone at their office pretty much all the time, between now and election day.”

Tammy Duckworth is the Democratic candidate. Polls show the race is just about even.

“I went over to the Duckworth office this morning. There was no one there.”

You probably should have called first.

“Well, I did, about twenty minutes till eight. There was no answer, and I was hoping that maybe they had just gone out for coffee.”

Maybe there was a line at Starbucks.

“I guess. So I called again, and left a message, and told them I was sorry I had missed them. And I suggested that Roskam’s volunteers were probably already at work at 8am.”

You’re not really going to vote against Tammy because of a yard sign.

“Probably not. Hey, I know I’m not George Soros, donating piles of money to the Democrats. But I did send a donation to her campaign, and all I ask for is a yard sign.”

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