Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Children Running Through, Old Guys Sitting Home

I was talking to my friend Will Briarwood. As Will mentioned recently, now that we’re out in the suburbs, neither of us go to shows in Chicago as much as we used to.

Patty Griffin played two shows in the city last weekend. I was thinking of going, but didn’t.”

She played at Schuba’s, right?

“Yeah. That’s one reason I didn’t go – Schuba’s is a great club, but there aren’t many places to sit.”

Something to consider for those of us with occasional back problems.

“General admission shows just don’t appeal to me anymore. And once I hesitated about going, the shows sold out right away.”

There’s quite a buzz about her new cd, which is due out next week.

“Yeah, I saw someone in No Depression raved about it. I ordered it from Amazon already. So, anyway, I thought I would check online for reviews of the Schuba’s shows. I couldn’t find anything from the local papers, or at Google News – but then I learned that you can search blogs through Google.”

I just learned that myself.

“Someone named unglaubliche caitlin was at one of the shows. And sakistore was at Saturday’s show. And Patty’s webmaster was at both shows, and took some great pictures.”

I suppose that us aging suburbanites will have to enjoy some of these shows vicariously.

“Good thing we know how to use The Google.”

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