Thursday, January 25, 2007

"Television, say you care."

Will Briarwood and I continue our discussion of tv in 2006.

“In addition to Battlestar Galactica, Veronica Mars and Lost, which we discussed already, we watched Gilmore Girls, 30 Rock, Jericho, Heroes, Project Runway, Supernatural, Desperate Housewives, Queer Eye, Eureka, Numb3rs, The 4400, Threshold and Invasion.”

We seem to be watching more tv than ever.

“I know. It’s because we’re getting older, it’s moving to the suburbs and going into the city less often, and it’s the damn DVR.”

But it’s also true that there are some good shows these days. Let’s go through your list.

"Gilmore Girls is in their seventh season, and it’s probably their final season. And this season is even weaker than last season. I can’t believe they married Lorelai to Christopher.”

They’ve jumped the shark, as the saying goes. Do you want to discuss that Ausiello debacle?

“You mean the major spoiler he threw at us before the end of last season? Nah, don’t get me started on tv writers and spoilers. Let’s just go through our list.”

30 Rock is a new comedy. Alec Baldwin just won a Golden Globe.

“Great show. I wonder how they get all those jokes on, the ones about GE and NBC and product placement.”

Jericho is a new drama.

“I enjoy Jericho, but I’m not sure they have the writers or actors to keep it interesting.”

Ashley Scott is as attractive as ever.

“I think Heroes is my favorite new show this year. It’s the first show that I was able to get caught up with via the internet – I think I watched like seven episodes online.”

They do seem to have plenty of talented actors.

Project Runway had their third season last summer. I hated the ending.”

Yes, I do recall you expressing your distaste for Jeffrey. Have they said whether Tim Gunn will be back this year?

“Not yet. He’s got his own show, his own book – I don’t know. Yeah, Jeffrey was even more of a jerk than Santino was.”

Supernatural is in its second season. How’s it holding up?

“I think I like this season better than last year. The new supporting cast helps a lot – I don’t think either of the lead actors is good enough to carry the show.”

It does have its scary moments.

Desperate Housewives , yet another show in season number three. Better than last year, not as good as the first.”

Marcia Cross had her baby yet?

“Babies, plural – she’s having twins. She’s on bed rest, and apparently they’re going to shoot her scenes at her home.”

Queer Eye finally reaches the end.

“Yeah, they’re kind of out of ideas. TV will be much straighter without The Fab Five.”

Lots of friends and family watch all those CSI shows, but Numb3rs is the only cop show we watch these days.

Numb3rs has a good cast, and some interesting stories, but sometimes they do lapse into those stupid cop show cliches. And I can’t believe a show that violent gets those family-friendly tv awards.”

The science fiction shows: Eureka on SciFi, The 4400 on USA, and the cancelled Threshold and Invasion.

Eureka was pretty good in its first season. I think Colin Ferguson carries that show. The 4400 had its moments, but I think the first two seasons were better. And I still can’t believe I watch this much tv after the networks jerked me around by cancelling Threshold and Invasion.”

And they jerked us around with Firefly and Point Pleasant, and Wonderfalls, and Kitchen Confidential, and Love Monkey, and even Buffy and Angel had plenty of life left in them when they were ended.

“If Bill Gates gave me a couple billion, then I would start a network and have shows like those. And you know who I would get to run things.”

Help me, Joss Whedon, you’re my only hope…

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