Tuesday, January 09, 2007

The Vulcans Are Coming, The Vulcans Are Coming

I talked to my friend Sherry Maple the other day. She was my next-door neighbor many years ago, when I lived in Evanston. After updating each other on spouses, kids, pets, jobs, etc., we discussed the important stuff.

“Can you believe it’s the year 2007? And can you believe the Vulcans will be here in only fifty-six years?”

You’re referring to the Star Trek version of the future.

“Of course.”

And that would be the events depicted in Star Trek - First Contact?

“Yes, the one where the Next Generation crew stops the Borg from messing up Earth’s future.”

Planning on being around to greet them?

“I wish. Let’s see, if the Vulcans show up on April 5, 2063… I’ll be not quite a hundred and five years old.”

I’ll be almost a hundred and seven. Although we might not be there, your kids will probably be around that year.

“Makes you think. You know, about our place in the planet’s history and all that. What do you always say about the three ways to understand things?”

You don’t remember?

“Of course I remember. I just think you like saying it outloud.”

There are three ways to understand the world: through baseball, through Star Trek, or through Buffy.

“Speaking of which, I saw that the Buffy singalong phenomenon has reached Chicago.”

At the Music Box.

“Are you going?”

Probably not. It would probably be fun, but it’s way past my bedtime.

“Past your bedtime, past our lifetimes… what’s that saying, when you’re young, the days are like years, and when you’re old, the years are like days?”

Talk to you next year, Sherry.

Live long and prosper, Kalikoolin.”

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