Wednesday, April 25, 2007

Patty, Julie, Norah and Will

I was talking to my friend Will Briarwood today. I asked him if he had listed his Norah Jones ticket on ebay yet.

“Yeah, just did, this morning.”

Any bids yet?

“Not yet. I checked all the listing for tickets for her Chicago show – mine is the cheapest at $19.99. And there’s only one other auction that is offering a single ticket.”

Good luck. Hey, do I hear Patty Griffin?

“Yeah – the person who sits in the next cube is out for a few days, so I can play music at my desk without bothering anyone.”

Her new album?

“Yeah. Hey, I forgot to mention, during our conversations about cats – I have a Patty Griffin song stuck in my head when I think about my cat.”

The cat who had surgery.

“It’s a few lines from her song ‘Be Careful.’”

Give them to me, and I’ll put them at the end of my post.

“OK. And as long as we’re talking about female singers…”

Which we do a lot, it seems.

“Don’t get me started. I don’t know what’s wrong with guys who only listen to men. Is it some buried homosexual impulse? Is it some misogynist thing?”

I won’t get you started. But I will say that I was listening to a Bruce Springsteen live recording the other day, and Bruce was talking between songs, and you could hear some guy in the crowd yelling “Broooooce.”

“I bet he’s sick of that.”

Actually, it was pretty damn funny – he said something like, “It’s really great when other men express their love for me.”

“That is pretty funny. So, speaking of female singers, weren’t we discussing Julie Miller recently?”

We were.

“I heard that she’ll be releasing a collection from her old out-of-print Christian records.”

Like a box set?

“No, I think it’s just a single cd. And it will be available only at their website.”

Cool. I’ll let covivant know. So how’s the bachelor life?

“She just left this morning. In fact, I’m not sure if their plane has even landed yet.”

They went to Vegas, your wife and her daughter?

“Yeah. They’re going to see that Beatles show tomorrow night.”

The Cirque du Soleil show, LOVE.

“Yep. They were considering trying to get tickets for one of Prince’s shows too, but decided it was too expensive, and too much hassle.”

I did hear that Prince is playing Vegas.

“Supposedly the shows are great, but I think tickets are like $125, and even though the wife loves Prince, she didn’t feel like standing for several hours in a crowded nightclub.”

I saw that someone had like six cd’s of his Vegas shows over on dime – if I can find some time to download and burn it, then I’ll give you a copy.

“Thanks, the wife would probably like that.”

So, what’s on the bachelor agenda this evening?

“Exciting stuff. Stopping at the Wild Birds store, then at Whole Foods, then home. Feed cats. Try to give the one cat her two pills, which I’ve never done by myself. Eat some of the leftovers that the wife left for me. And hopefully stay awake long enough to watch Jericho and Lost.”

That does sound exciting.

“But mostly, I’ll try to hang with the cats. The guy who had surgery is really a momma’s boy, and he really misses her when she’s not around.”

Patty Griffin lyrics for Will’s cat:

“Be careful how you bend me
Be careful where you send me
Careful how you end me
Be careful with me”

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