Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Ten Questions On Music

I was talking to my friend Will Briarwood again this morning. He started our conversation by apologizing.

“Sorry I’ve been such a drag lately.”

Don’t worry about it. How’s your cat doing?

“Well, we got his stitches out, and we waited a day and then took his collar off, and within an hour he had chewed a big raw spot on his back. I wish I could have stayed home with him today.”

Nothing serious, is it?

“Well, he had to get his collar back on again, and he was not too happy about that. I talked to the vet today, and she said to keep an eye on things. If the spot he chewed doesn’t heal promptly, then we should call them back. Hey, enough about that. Let’s switch to a happier topic. I found this list of questions on my boss’s blog.”

Your boss has a blog?

“Yeah, I found it by accident when I did a google search
for our company name.”

Is it about your company? Or is it personal stuff?

“Personal, mostly about music.”

Have you posted any comments on his blog?

“No way. So, here are the questions…”

1. What was the first record or cd that you owned?

W: “I think it was a Three Dog Night single. Maybe ‘Eli’s Coming.’ ”

K: My brothers and I bought some 45’s at the local Osco – I think the first was “In the Year 2525” by Zager & Evans.

2. What was the worst concert you ever saw?

W: “I saw John Fahey several years ago, it must have been right before he died. Maybe his music was too complex for me, but I thought he was just doodling for over an hour…”

K: Can’t think of any really bad ones. I saw Siouxsie and the Banshees put on an uninspired show back in the 80’s. Covivant and I saw Johnette Napolitano twice, with different bands, and both times she played really short shows.

3. What cd or album in your collection are you embarrassed to say is there?

W: “I think I sold all of my REO Speedwagon and Kansas albums before we moved last time.”

K: I owned at least six Styx albums, which I think I sold too.

4. What was the last song that gave you goose bumps?

W: “Patty Griffin, ‘Mary.’ “

K: Kim Richey, “Every River.”

5. If you could sit in with one musician or band, who would that be?

W: “I think this question is for the musicians out there. When I was a kid, I wanted to be in Black Sabbath.”

K: If I were a musician, I think it would be pretty cool to play with the E Street Band.

6. What's the best place you've ever seen a concert?

W: “Fitzgerald’s.”

K: I’ll go with that. Followed by the Old Town School.

7. The worst?

W: “I hope I don’t have to ever go back to the World/Tweeter/Midwest whatever the frak it’s called now.”

K: I don’t think I ever want to go to another big festival, like at Soldier Field.

8. Did your Dad have a love for music? How about your Mom?

W: “Ummm… not really. I mean, my dad liked Frank Sinatra, and I took my mom to see Tony Bennett earlier this year, but they didn’t buy music by the ton the way I do.”

K: I can remember my dad liking only a few rock songs: “Sugar Sugar” by The Archies, and “Old Time Rock and Roll” by Bob Seger. And “American Pie.” My mom really liked watching Bruce Springsteen when she would see him on tv.

9. DRM stands for __________________ .

W: “Ummm… I have no idea. Are those Dave Matthews’ initials?”

K: I remember a band called DRI. And DOA. No idea.

10. What singer's pipes blow you away?

W: “Patty Griffin, Neko Case, Sinead O’Connor, Karan Casey.”

K: Roger Daltrey when he was younger. Bruce Springsteen.

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