Thursday, March 01, 2007

Dream Dreams the Dreamer

I was talking to my friend Will Briarwood earlier today. He was telling me about the dream he had last night.

“I had just arrived at a concert hall, and I was trying to find some place to leave my bike.”

Your bicycle, or your motorcycle?

“Don’t know. I don’t remember that I was pedalling, and I don’t remember that an engine was running. It was one of those dream things, where you just move via an unknown force. I was riding around alleys and parking lots, and there were no parking spaces or bike racks.”

Did anything look familiar? Did you know where you were?

“I thought I might be in Oak Park. I was getting worried, because the show had already started. I could hear the opening act from outside.”

Who was it?

“It was Big Country. They were opening for U2.”

Interesting. What song were they playing?

“Don’t know. I just heard music and knew that it was Big Country.”

Stuart Adamson is dead – were you hearing a different singer? Or were you back in the past?

“Did I mention that it was a dream? It was another one of those dream things, where you just know what is happening, without knowing all the details.”

Okay. Did you get your bike parked?

“Nope. Dream ended with me still outside, riding around.”

Sorry to hear that. You know, I think they say that dreams like that indicate a fear of having no control over your life.

“Yeah. The fear pops up in your unconscious, and plays itself out as a dream – rather than the dream making you wake up feeling afraid.”

I know you’ve mentioned that you hate being late for concerts.

“I do hate being late -- my wife complains that we always leave way too early, and end up sitting around waiting for the show to start.”

It wasn’t her fault that you were late, in the dream?

“No, I don’t think my unconscious was blaming her for anything. I don’t think I was with anyone. Just me on a bike.”

You do think about concerts a lot, for a man your age.

“Right back at ya. Hey, did I tell you I was thinking about Julie Miller, Bruce Springsteen and 9/11?”

Tell me about it in the next post…

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