Friday, March 23, 2007

More Sick Cats and Dogs

I talked to my friend Will Briarwood again today. He was still angry about the pet food recall.

Rat poison. How does rat poison get into pet food?”

I don’t know, Will. I saw the story, didn’t get the chance to read it yet.

“And the first lawsuits have been filed against Menu Foods.”

I saw that. And I saw that PETA is demanding criminal charges in several states.

“And I hadn’t even noticed the dates in that New York Times story – Menu knew about possible problems last month, and it took them three weeks to announce the recall?”

I did see where someone pointed out that this could be a wake-up call to millions of pet owners, that they need to take a look at what they are feeding their pets.

“And it could mean an increase in business for the natural food makers.”

I talked to our veterinarian yesterday – he said they had one cat that was hospitalized last week, and they think it was due to the food.

“I hate to think of how many pets have been affected by this. I could be hundreds, thousands.”

I keep thinking about the picture from the New York Times story, the one I used on my previous post.

“That was a great picture, a sad picture. I feel bad for that woman and her poor little dog. Sometimes I look into the eyes of our cats, and I think of how much they trust us, that we’re taking care of them, feeding them the right food.”

You’ve given your cats good lives. Always remember that.

“I know, I know. I just worry that someone could take those lives away from me.”

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