Monday, March 12, 2007

The Times, They Are A-Springin'-Forward

I was talking to my friend Will Briarwood, and I told him he looked like he could use a long nap.

“There are several reasons that I’m tired today. One is stupid Congress.”

You and Congress were out partying this weekend?

“No, it’s the time change. Springing forward always throws off my schedule – it feels like I woke up in the middle of the night this morning.”

It was kind of dark when my alarm went off today. Congress could probably find some more important problems to work on, rather than screwing up our clocks, both internal and external.

“Then there’s my urologist.”

I did not know that you have a urologist.

“As of last week. New medication, makes me a bit dopey.”

Let’s save that discussion for another post.

“OK. The main reason I’m tired is the three shows I saw in the past three nights.”

You and your concerts, again. You’re old enough to have a urologist, but you still think you can go out three nights in a row.

“I know, I know.”

So whom did you see?

“Friday was Alejandro Escovedo and Chuck Prophet at the Old Town School of Folk Music.”

If you drove into the city on a Friday, then I bet traffic sucked.

“Took me over two hours to get there. I spent more a lot more time in the car that evening than I did watching music.”

Long drives, or short show?

“Both. It was one of those nights where the Old Town School decided they had to squeeze in two shows. So they had to clear the room for the late show. Alejandro was done by like 9:30 – he only played for a little over an hour.”

You’re kidding – I saw him play for almost three hours once.

“Well, in his defense, he is a bit older now, and he does have his own health issues.”

He still puts on a good show, doesn’t he?

“Well, yes. But he played several songs from his most recent record, and one brand new song, and I hate to say it, but his songwriting is in a slump. It makes me nervous that he’s using his wife poetry for song lyrics. And the brand new song – which he wrote with Chuck Prophet – didn’t do much for me.”

How was Chuck Prophet’s set?

“He was good. I wish I had bought a cd or two.”

He was in Green On Red, right?

“Right. One of those bands I missed back in the 80’s.”

Whom did you see Saturday?

“Back to the Old Town School for Karan Casey and Crooked Still. It was a really good show.”

I’ve heard of Karan Casey, but I don’t think I know Crooked Still.

“Kind of bluegrassy / old-timey music. But with a cello as the lead instrument, rather than a fiddle.”


“I was telling someone that the singer looked a bit like Lisa Loeb, the banjo player looked a lot like a very young Bruce Springsteen, and the cellist looked like Kurt Cobain.”


“And it turns out that the banjo player actually toured with Bruce last year. I wish I had bought their cd too.”

You’ve seen Karan Casey before, haven’t you?

“Saw her open for Lunasa, last year. One of my favorite Celtic singers. She does a version of a song called, I think, ‘Love Is Teasing’ -- aye, ‘twould melt your heart. Unfortunately, I don’t think it’s on any of her cd’s.”

And Sunday’s show?

Natalie MacMaster, out at the Hemmens in Elgin. Another really good show. My wife and I bought three of her cd’s last night. A very energetic show, considering she’s six months pregnant.”

She’s the one who fiddles and stepdances, right?

“Right, but there was a bit less dancing last night. Coincidentally, I saw both her and Karan Casey last year – and both were pregnant last year.”

And today you’re probably more tired than a pregnant stepdancer.

“As soon as I pick my wife up from the train, I’m going to bed.”

Isn’t Heroes on tonight?

“It’s a rerun. But, dammit, that reminds me that I do have to watch last night’s Battlestar Galactica. And my wife has been busy, so we have a couple of Gilmore Girls we haven’t watched yet.”

March is rerun month, Will. You’ll have time to caught up on your shows.

“I know. Right after I get caught up on my sleep.”

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